Various Woodwork Projects

Various woodwork projects


A desk for my daughter
A desk for my son
King-size bed
End-grain chopping board
Computer keyboard wrist rest

A desk for my daughter

Poor man's jointer - double-sided stickytape and a strip of sandpaper

The first join

Second join

Third join

Second layer

Top slab

Completed top

Improvised clamps for the leg brackets

Varnishing the top

The leg brackets before roundover routing

Fitting the legs

Clamping the legs

Stained legs

Bookshelf frame

Bookshelf components



A desk for my son

Clamping the slabs for the desktop

Clamping the leg bracket frames

More progress on the leg brackets

Leg brackets complete

Clamping the bookshelf frames

Bookshelf frames complete

Staining the bookshelves black

Staining the desktop


Installed. Note the barely-visible undershelf for a "tower" computer

King-size bed

Routing the insides of the leg frames to accommodate the bedhead and foot panels

The sides



With mattress

Ready to go

End-grain chopping board

How predictable - convert a hand circular saw to a table saw, and what is the first project?

Many mistakes were made, and the pictures don't look as impressive if one zooms in...

But it is functional, and will probably last a long time

Computer keyboard wrist rest

A simple use for a beautiful piece of Blackwood

The figure just glows beautifully, and shanges with your viewing angle.

After seeing it, my wire ordered one for her computer.


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