MagReels Dramatised Bible Stories

NB: This is a nostalgia page for anyone who remembers MagReels.
If you have no idea what they were, do yourself a favour and leave now, there's nothing here that could possibly interest you.

Still here?

During the mid-to-late 1970s, our family and friends produced a series of dramatised audio Bible stories under the MagReels label. I was in my early teens, and it fell to me to write the scripts, compose and record original music, act as recording engineer and producer. If you were involved in the Seventh Day Adventist church in Australia at the time, you (or someone in your family) may have been exposed to these recordings.

Looking back (as a non-believer), I have mixed feelings on the endeavour.

The music production is awful, but forgivable considering the meagre resources:

The scripts and voice-acting are cringe-worthy.

Even the point seems lost

And yet, it was a creative outlet, taught me the fundamentals of music production, and listening to them again after so many years did awaken some nostalgia.

NB: Each file is approximately 30MB.

MagReels 101, side A: How It All Began

MagReels 101, side B: Water Water Everywhere

MagReels 102, side A: Abraham A Man Of God

MagReels 102, side B: Abraham And Isaac

MagReels 103, side A: The Twins Who Quarrelled

MagReels 103, side B: The Twins Make Up

MagReels 104, side A: From Slave To Mighty Ruler

MagReels 104, side B: Family Reunion

MagReels 202, side A: Easter Story

MagReels 202, side B: Easter Story


These recordings Copyright 1977-1980 Trevor Magnusson