iiNet Usage Meter


iiNetMeter (480k) is a very simple internet usage meter for customers of Australia's iiNet ISP. It shows how much of your monthly peak and off-peak quota is remaining (or the single "Anytime" quota, if that is your plan), in a simple to read manner.
It minimises to the notification area (aka system tray), and can be configured with a right-click or double-click.
There are other utilities like this available, the advantage of this one is that it runs on every version of Windows going back to XP.
It is also very "old-school" - you have to copy it somewhere, and put a shortcut to it in your Startup folder.
For Windows 8.x, that is: swipe / all apps / run / shell:startup (jeez, it was a lot easier in Windows 7...)

iiNetMeter screenshot iiNetMeter screenshot

Change history:
20 February 2015: Update to handle "Anytime" usage plans (instead if Peak/Offpeak)
6 Jube 2015: Initial release


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