Dark Souls III Save File Utility


Manage your Dark Souls III save files easily

Dark Souls III Save File Utility screenshot

Dark Souls III Save File Utility is a program for quickly managing your save files. I wrote it while practicing against Soul of Cinder for my SL1 run - I wanted to switch quickly between builds, comparing differences etc.

Note - this will almost certainly work with other games as well, but I haven't generalised it, so currently it only points to one "source" save file folder.


NB: read this first!
The program is provided "as is", and as it's free, you get what you pay for: it's not perfect, and there's no support.
Download DS3SaveFiles now (521k).


First time you start it, you need to confirm two folders:

(Probably best to exit and restart after doing this.)

To create a new save file:

To restore a save file:

Change history:
29 Dec 2017: Initial release


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